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I am so tired right now and am about to head to bed.

Getting up at 5.30am on a Saturday shouldn't be legal. Salute, the convention I attended today with work, is always immensely busy for us and with the WizKids promotion we were doing on their behalf it just made it more so.

I don't think we had less than about ten people at the stand for most of the day and on many occasions we were swamped. Luckily I managed to make myself breakfast before leaving home because the only other thing I managed during the course of the day was a packet of Frutella's and a KitKat I picked up en route to the venue and a bacon sandwich that Ivan (one of our Con staffers) went to get for me about 11am.

I did manage to break away from the stand on a couple of occasions though to say hi to a few of the other guys and gals at the show that I knew. It was good catching up (however briefly) with a number of people, and thanks to everyone who also stopped by the stand to say hello :D

Thanks also to the aforemention Ivan and also Dave Elrick (hi Dave if you read this - you LJ stalker you!) who worked on the booth alongside Mike and myself for the duration.

I got home just before 9pm and relaxed in an all-too-welcome bath followed by watching the brilliant "Requiem For A Dream" which is one of my all time favourite films - although not one to watch if you're in anyway shape or form feeling low OR don't like dark, depressing films. Needless to say I love it.

Anyway. Sleep. Tomorrow I pick up a load of LibDem leaflets, go for lunch in the really nice Persian restaurant in Finchley and then relax before cooking something or other in the evening as part of the 'home cooking' phase I'm currently in and also catching the latest Dr Who episode on BBC3 when its repeated in the evening.


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