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(Trailers) Night Watch & Kingdom of Heaven

I thought I'd post up a couple of trailers before heading out for some lunch. I haven't put any trailers up here for ages but, be warned, this is probably going to change as the summer season approaches fast (and the Serenity/Firefly trailer is apparently going up on-line later this week :p).

Anyway, some of you will have heard about both of these films. The first, Night Watch, is a Russian film which has had fantastic reviews and is one I've been waiting to see since I first heard about it last year. It's a supernatural action/thriller and the first part of a trilogy. (View Trailer)

The second is Kingdom of Heaven which is due out fairly soon I believe. It's a story of the Crusades and looks visually fantastic (and not only because it has Orlando Bloom in it!), Hopefully it won't be another 'Troy' or 'Alexnader' (yawn and double yawn) but with Ridley Scott producing and directing it I'm sure it'll be a hell of alot better :D (View Trailer)

Right, food consumption time.......


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Apr. 24th, 2005 01:13 pm (UTC)
Was already looking forward to Kingdom of Heavan, I have faith in Ridley Scott. Not that it will be historically perfectly accurate, more that it will be well paced and entertaining :)

Night Watch looks fantastic! I hadn't heard a thing about it. It looks really really interesting, and I've always loved the whole good vs evil balance genre. Thank you for wheting my appetite with it! I'll be hoping it appears in Irish Cinema!!
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