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Flatmates Required

Hello folks,

As many of you know I used to live with Dave (daver2323) ans Sasha (pond823) but Dave moved back to Glasgow at the end of Jan and Sasha moved in with his parents in Fenruary/March due to finances. Now I stayed in the same place which I've been paying the full rent on since February. Now whilst having a three-bedroom house in London is incredibly nice, and I can just about afford it each month, having a three-bedroom house in North London AND a flatmate or two to share the rent and bills would be even nicer (especially for my band account :p).

As such I thought I'd put out an open call to see if anyone is looking at moving in either May or June who might be interested in a house share in Finchey Central, North London. The palce has three double rooms, although I'd preferrably just be looking at renting one of them as I quite fancy keeping the second (smaller) spare room as an Office/Spare Room/Storage, SKY, Broadband, a cleaner once a week, is very spaceous, was completely redocorated just over a year ago before we first moved in and is about a ten minute walk to both the local tube (Finchley Central on the Northern Line, Zone 4), the local multiplex and the supermarkets, etc.

If you are interested please drop me a line on angus at cubicle7. freeserve. co. uk and we can arrange a viewing.

Best wishes, Angus!

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