Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Finchley Gets The Royal Treatment

Just to show how much Labour are putting into keeping Finchley (my home area) we had a visit from not only one or two high profilers today but apparently the ENTIRE cabinet!!

I know Hain was here because I saw him getting escorted away from the Underground Station by staff who told him he couldn't campaign on Underground property :p I also know that Tony Blair was at the Arts Depot in North Finchley as some of the LibDem campaign team I was talking to today mentioned it. It was also on the news and the statement about the entire cabinet being around has appeared on at least two of the news sites I've read this evening.

Will it affect the outcome in Finchley? I doubt it as I don't think Labour will loose the seat anyway. Certainly on the leafleting I've been doing I've seen more campaign posters for Labour than any other party combined. Second place for posters goes to the LibDems, followed by The Conservatives and then Green Party and UKIP. Mind you, I have noticed that Conservative voters have been a lot quieter about their intent this year which may explain the lack of window posters in the area.

My campaigning is effectively finished. I've been out and about three times today delivering leaflets in the local area. I was asked if I could tally at some of the Voting points tomorrow but the only slot I could have really done was early morning and by the time I got back in touch with them those slots had been filled. So all I have left to do is wander up the road tomorrow to put my 'X' in a little box and then have a late night watching the results come in. It should be an interesting night but in the cold light of Friday morning we'll still have a Labour government, just one with hopefully a vastly reduced majority and a lot more little yellow bums sitting in Parliameny :p

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