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Hey, I'm still alive!!!

Christ - I didn't realise it's been almost a week since I updated this thing. You can all thank me not having a phone socket in my room for this. We finally got a phone line installed on Monday (same number as in the old flat for those folks that knew it!) but the wireless network and ADSL line isn't coming for another week or so. Until then we're living in a world of cables and extension leads. This equates to having a nice lead running up the stairs and in to whomever's room wants to log on. Not exactly convenient.

Anyhoo - this week's been pretty dull by usual standards. Haven't really done anything (had/have stomach pains which has made me take a little time off work - not sure what's going on there....) but am gearing up for a rollercoaster of weekend activities. Fairly full schedule so hopefully I'll be mended by then.

"So Angus", I hear you say, "what are you doing this weekend?"

Glad you asked. Here's my current schedule and I hope to see some of you at at least one of them over the weekend....

Friday Evening:
Pity the Monsters presents: Video Nasties Monsters That Bite 2 @ The Water Rats, Kings X
DJ Cavey Nik entertaining with live sets from: DEATHBOY, DEVILISH PRESLEY, EARTH LOOP RECALL and FAETAL.

followed by a trip to The Electric Ballroom in Camden.

Saturday afternoon:
Lunch and a movie with Nicole and possible Davey Boy.

Saturday evening:
Rathaus!!! Yay!!!
@ The Water Rats with DJ's Charlie Mouse and Sexbat and a live set from Zombina & The Skeletons.
I am *so* excited by this. It's organised by the same duo behind B-Movie and promises to seriously kick butt. I've also wanted to catch Zombina for a while so double A for me!

Working??? Er, yeah, it's Stock Take day at the shop so I have a full shift on Sunday. After two nights of clubbing and gigging I hope I'm up for it ;-p

I'll try and update again soon.

Take care peeps! xx

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