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Warhammer Fantasy RPG Info

Can I just say WOW!

We (Leisure Games) have done amazingly well with the new edition of Warhammer FRPG (probably about 150 copies or thereabouts) and the supplements have been flying off the shelves as well. Black industries have a release schedule that most companies would die for (plus some really cool *other* games coming out in the next few years) and they have done so well with WFRPG that they are about to reprint.

What does this mean? Well for a start it means they sold in excess of 20,000 copies so far because the first print run was in excess of that! And that's in English and not counting the French, German, etc...

This just goes to show that RPGs are very much alive IF you have the correct property and promotion behind them. Most companies these days struggle to print 2000 let alone sell those 2000 in the first few months.

Go well done to everyone at Black Industries and Green Ronin. Keep up the amazing work!

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