Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Days Ahead.....

Well I would have been heading up to see gabby2600 this weekend but things have conspired against me. Instead my weekend has completely changed from all of my original plans, and even my backup plans.

Strange days...

Tonight I have Dom, Nicole and Seth coming over for some boardgaming action (we may be trying out the new Shadows Over Camelot game as I picked that up from work today).

Tomorrow Sarah and myself are heading out for a meal as weirdly it turns out to be a year ago that we first met. Now whilst we actually had the best part of 3-4 months split up it's technically our 'first anniversary'. Although the whole things weird so god knows what anniversary is when anymore....

Friday I'm now seeing Revenge of the Sith at The Odeon Leicester Square with ukmonty and crew.

Saturday I probably have a wedding to attend. Louisa is also probably going to start moving some of her stuff over to the house on Saturday.

Sunday will now either be spent at work (which it should be) or hanging out with Sarah as it's the anniversary weekend (which is more likely).

Then it'll be Monday again. Atleast the following weekend is another bank holiday. Also seeing The Bravery next weekend so have a couple of highlights waiting me :p

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