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Board Gaming Fun and a return to RPGs....

We had another installment of our board games night adventures this evening. We didn't end up playing Shadows Over Camelot in the end but instead went for 'RA' and 'Ticket to Ride'.

I hadn't played RA for several years so we decided to dust down the box and give it another whirl. It's a fun, reasonably quick, bidding game and even though it took a few minutes for me to remember the rules I still managed to cream everyone and ealked away with a clear victory.
The next game up was Ticket To Ride which won game of the year over in Germany last year (the games equivalent of  The Oscars). Now winning this is very big news and 9 times out of 10 means the game is truly brilliant (Carcassonne, Settlers of Catan and Alhambra for example) and I'd heard a lot of very good reports about this one. The only thing that had mildly put me off (and had certainly put Dom into two minds as we'd spoken about playing this one a few times before) was its 'train' theme. I don't know why but train games have always carried a bit of a stigmata for me (I don't know why as I love 1825 and 1830) but I think it has something to do with my image of trainspotters and some of the very advid fans of train games that I've had to deal with over the years at work and conventions. Anyway, Ticket To Ride is a family game and only takes 30-60 minutes to play and it had received so much good press we thought 'why not' and broke it open.
Boy am I glad we did. This game is fantastic! Played across a map of America you are trying to build routes between cities to complete the Destination Cards you have in your hand. Some of these are fairly easy, others can be a nightmare. You have to plan your routes fairly carefully because you only have a limited number of pieces to use and with other players screwing you over by needing (and taking) the same, or quicker, lines you need it can really get you thinking. I loved it, we all loved it and we will hopefully be giving this one another shot in the next couple of sessions.
After we'd finished playing we had a chat about getting a RPG up and running. Dom and Nicole haven't RPG'd for ages and I haven't since early December so we're all sort of itching to get back again. Seth still plays in a regular weekly group so he gets his fix, even so he was up for a bi-weekly game alternating with our board games sessions. The problem (as always) is what to play and who to run it. Well we ended up narrowing the selection down to a handful of titles and then one suggestion started to run away from the others with Nicole frothing about it, Seth and myself agreeing it was a great setting and very good system and Dom getting caught up in the hysteria which has led him taking away my players book to read up on the background and world setting.

So what game will we be playing? 7th Sea. Starting in early July once Nicole gets back from Brazil. And I seem to be running it :)

Not sure of the campaign or cultural make-up of the party yet though.

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