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Star Wars, Eurovision, FA Cup

Well the wait is almost over. Off to Revenge of the Sith this evening in London's finest with Monty, Sarah and a host of others.

I wasn't too bothered about catching it immediately but Monty had a couple of spare tickets for The Odeon in Leicester Square and seeing any film on a screen THAT big is always worth it :)

Especially one that promises to have lots of action and eye-candy but lacks somewhat on dialogue and direction skills.

Told Sarah we all had to go in costume. She was 50/50 whether or not to believe me but when we descended into Wookie/Ewok porn she confirmed in her mind that I was joking. Mind you some of the Yoda comments were quite amusing in a perverse way too :p

Also, why do I always seem to miss the Eurovision Song Contest???? I haven't managed to catch it properly in years now and being that it's tomorrow night I'm not sure if I'll be seeing it then either. AND I'll be missing the Arsenal vs Man U FA Cup Final tomorrow due to the wedding! Oh well, the last FA Cup I started to see (last year) ended up being the first time myself and Sarah got off so maybe it'd be good missing it for a year :p

Anyway, got to get ready for work. Catch you all laters!

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