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Star Wars Ep 3: Revenge of the Sith

This must be the most reviewed and commented on film on LJ apart from all the other records it's broken in the last couple of days.

Well, now it's my turn to comment on it.

I'm not a big Star Wars fan. I loved the first three films when I was a kid and probably watched Star Wars: A New Hope a good 100+ times on video with one of my sisters to the extent that both of us prretty much new the entire script. I doubt I've seen the original three films since about the age of 14 though apart from the remastered ones they released at the cinema a few years back.

I thought Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones sucked big time. The acting was diabolical, the script terrible and the films badly paced with certain scenes seemingly only in there to promote cross-over computer/console games. Still, I viewed them more as a history documentary looking at the past events of a civilisation and worlds that we knew the outcome of. To this end they were ok.

I had pretty low hopes for Revenge of the Sith and so wasn't expecting a great deal when I saw it last night.

But can I just say WOW!

I was actually pretty blown away by it. Definetly the best film by a long, long way in the 'prequels' trilogy and I'd have to say I'd like to go back and watch the original three films again as it may even fight it's way up amongst them.

The acting was, 'generally', a lot better than PM or AotC. I say 'generally' as there are certainly a number of moments when it is still appalling bad and the script is at its most cringeworthyness. Hayden Christensen actually appears to me able to act in certain scenes!!

The special effects are utterly stunning and possibly the best I've seen in any sci-fi film to date.

I won't say more for now as I'll either leave it for a week until most people have probably seen it or I'll stick it under a cut in a later post. But the film had me gripped.

Many thanks to ukmonty for letting me know about the tickets and apologies to him and davywavy for having to leave straight away but Sarah was pretty ill and I needed to get her home. She seems much better this morning though and hopefully after a weekend of rest will be back on top.

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