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My God, It's Full Of.....Women?

Taking a break from inputting bloody tons of 7" singles onto E-Bay. Already bored with it, just hope a few of them sell....

Anyway, was looking at this weeks 'Angus World' and it looks damn fine. So fine that it's completely full of women.

Monday I'm catching up with mooncadet whom I've not actually seen since she moved up to London (naughty me). I have a feeling it's going to be more of a raid on my DVD collection on her part that a drunken catch-up though. She only wants me for my possessions I tell you....

Tuesday I'll be entertaining the lovely Belinda and hopefully dazzling her with my salad-making skills.

Wednesday I've double-girl goodness. Sarah is coming over and Lousia is probably starting to drop some of her belongings around. I guess it might even be triple-girly goodness as Jade might be joining her. We'll see.....

Thursday is games night this week and keeping up with the 'Girly' theme apart from Dom, Seth and myself we do have a female member of our little cabal. Nicole should be waving the charming feminine flag on Thursday night whilst trying to defeat us fellas over a borad/card game or two....

Friday....not sure what's happening on Friday as yet but Sarah will almost certainly be over.

All in all a busy old week for me coming up. I have Wednesday off to try and get some other work done (plus more ebay putting up...groan) .

I wish more weeks looked liked this one ;D

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