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I wish I was a million Angus'

...because then I could fit every bloody thing in.

Apologies first off for not keeping this LJ updated recently. This is partially becasue of a difficult connection at home (but ADSL should be in this weekend...) and also partially because I've just been too busy doing other things.

I really wish I had more time at the moment - or could split myself into multiple Angus' so I could get to everywhere I'd like to be and get the long list of things I need or want to do done.

Looking at this weekend I'm quadrouple booked in every possible timespace apart from Saturday + Sunday morning. This sucks. It means I'm not going to be able to do everything (obviously) but more importnatly means that I won't be able to see all the different people and friends that I'd like to this weekend. I apologise to everyone in advance if I don't catch you at something I may have liked to be at.

Below is what I'm probably going to be doing...

Friday Night
9pm - handing keys back to old landlord at old flat
later .... maybe Dead & Buried, maybe Ballroom, maybe drinks with Bug the birthday girl, maybe drinks with Dave locally, maybe crash out in indecision.

AM - sort out house and build some furniture
PM - Kat's leaving do (she's off to live in Ireland next week and I haven;t actually seen her in years)
PM - Genevieve's leaving do (my little sister is off to work in Austria for the next 6-8 weeks on a ski resort. So it's off to Mum's for a last family meal with everyone there for a while. Also haven't seen Katie or Dominique - my other two sisters - properly for sometime so that'd be good).
later.... - possibly house drinks with Sasha and Dave? Possibly a house warming party in East London which I'd love to go to, possibly Slimelight, possibily rampant sex.

PM - Meal in town with friends (two different groups to choose from), meal in North Finchley and then buisness webby-chat, Supers RPG game in London Bridge (want to do this), sort out house, need to go shopping for business trip???

When I get a moment I'll post a review of the last week's worth of activities (Zombina rocked btw) and maybe this weekends depending on when I get the chance.

oh, btw, the last possibility on Saturday night is very unlikely to happen. I was just giving myself an ego boost to get smashed down later when I reread this ;-p

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