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Last Sunset

I always find it a bit sad when I leave somewhere I've called 'home' for the last time. Admittedly I'm at the old flat one last time this evening to hand back the keys and take the final meter readings but I've just left it for the last time in daylight.

One of the endearing features of the flat was a great view that allowed us to look out for miles over North West London. It also had the most amazing sunsets I've seen in London.

It was whilst looking out across the miles that I started to remember some good times, and good people, I've known during my time at the flat (Dave and I were there for three years or which half of that was spent with Delphine too).

I generally had a great time living there. There were some very sad points (namely Delphine moving back to France) but there were more fun times and I should dwell on those instead.

I will say that Delphine is one of the funniest people I have ever met. Her wit, sarcasm, and general humour combined with her 'Frenchness' (those who know her will know what I mean ;-p) talent and all round inner and outer beauty makes her truly one of a kind. She touched more people than she'll ever realise (or give herself credit for) and so many things still remind Dave and myself of her. Silly little things (adverts, cartoons, situations...).

Leaving the flat for a new home is like the final cut for me in many aspects.

As promised I'll say a final goodbye to it from both of us.


Mar. 5th, 2004 02:53 pm (UTC)
Re: Awww...
Yeah, I'm not all hard exterior you know ;-p

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