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Stating the Obvious.....

Well as my fellow Londoners know today is BLOODY HOT.

Apparently today is the hottest day in May for over 50 years as we've passed the 30C mark and have actually notched up 31C (87 Fahrenheit)!!!

We're currently hotter than Tehran (Iran), Kingston (Jamaica), Mexico City (Mexico), Hong Kong (China), Hanoi (Vietnam) and Athens (Greece) and as hot as Lagos (Nigeria)!

Just wish I felt a bit better and could go and sit in the park. I'm at home today (as I was yesterday) but I'm poorly so I'm sitting in my room with the curtains drawn and windows open trying to get some shade and a breeze. The shade has worked, no wind though.....

Record-Breaking Start To Holiday (BBC News Online; Friday 27th May 2005)

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