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Bravery, Slimelight, Assholes and Drunks (Overview)

Well Sarah and I went and saw The Bravery last night at London's Astoria. This was the THIRD gig The Bravery had performed yesterday (they were at The Homelands Festival and then opened for Duran Duran in Birmingham before flying to London to headline their OWN gig!!) and they were f**king brilliant. Considering they'd performed in three different parts of the UK already that day they were still very much full or energy and musically on form. The only problem with them was the length of the set. The Bravery have only got one CD out so the whole set was under an hour. Also, being that it was at The Astoria who host GAY on Saturday nights, the gig finished at 10pm and everyone was turfed out! Damn fine though and look forward to seeing them again at either Glastonbury or Reading Festival!

As it was earlier and Sarah and I were both a bit tipsy, we decided to go clubbing. We had originaly thought about going to an Indy Rock club for a change (either FROG at The Mean Fiddler or the Budrising Aftershow Party for the Bravery at The Marquee) but we decided we'd hit Slimelight for a couple of hours to get a bit of a goth/ebm fix. It was to be an early one as we both wanted to catch the last tube home to save some cash, have a Sunday and also because we 'might' be going to Inferno at the Electric Ballroom this evening.

Anyway, Slimes was pretty busy when we got there (only 10.20ish but the Gotham Festival was just up the road and quite a few people came down from that). Bumped into a whole load of people (Sinbad, Donya, Velaria, Lara, Nathan, Aly, etc) and danced away both on the goth and the ebm floors. By this time both of us were feeling fairly pissed. Anyway, 12.15 came and a drunken Sarah decided that she wanted to try and stay (a usual occurrence). Logic won out as we didn't have enough money for a taxi so I then endured about an hour of tube travel being called an 'asshole' every 10-15 seconds by a very drunk young lady. Once we got off the train and were walking home the 'asshole' comments died away and she started asking me how my ex-flatmate Dave managed to get home one time when he was incredibly drunk and fell into bushes en route. She started to realise just how drunk she was and after a few minutes of walking started saying sorry and asked to hold my hand as she felt very unstable and didn't know the route (which she's walked for the last twelve months! :p).

Anyway, in the space of about 5 minutes I went from being a 'really big asshole' for making her leave the club to her being 'so glad I was taking her home and with her'! Of course I had to then spend the next TWO hours with her awake because she was too drunk to sleep and felt awful. I became errand boy making toast, helping her around, etc. She finally fell asleep about 3.30 and I finally fell asleep at about 5am once I was allowed to combat my own drunkedness/room-spinning bonanza.

Needless to say we both have fairly bad hangovers this morning and I also have a very apologetic young lady in my house :p

This afternoon will probably see us at the cinema watching 'Millions' and we may/may not be at Inferno tonight depending on how we feel.

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