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A Day of Cleaning....

I'm knackered. After splitting my sleep last night because of the ebay auctions ending at 5am I was one of the few souls who was working today. Even though the shop was closed I had paperwork to do and also some work to catch up on as I wasn't in Wednedsay thru Friday last week.

Sarah joined me for a late lunch followed by a Tesco's trip. Back home was clean-o-rama time. My cleaner wasn't coming today because of the public holiday and with the new housemates moving in this week the place got the treatment, mainly courtesy of Sarah who offered to blitz the place as I'd paid for all of the food and drinks over the weekend. Whilst she was dusting and hoovering I started clearing out one of the spare rooms and also finished sorting out some unfinished reorganising both downstairs and in the bedroom.

Am now knackered and looking forward to a quick shower before making dinner. Sarah has also made a chocolate cake (or I should say 'Is in the prcess of making a chocolate cake' as she hasn't finished just yet). So I have an inkling I know what desert will be this evening :p

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