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Todays 'Yays' and 'Nays'

Todays 'Yays!'
1. Spoke to my US Agent arranging GAMA meeting and future plans.
2. Spoke to Mr Kovalic about world domination (or at least European domination)
3. Spoke to a company we're thinking about licensing a property from to develope as a RPG line. Initial feedback is pretty positive.
4. Handed back keys, etc, for old flat to landlords agent and he was impressed at how clean and tidy we left t (that cleaner was possibly the best spent money this week...;-p)
5. Managed to down email at home for the first time in ages.

Todays 'Nays'
1. Absolutely knackered. To the extent that I've blown everyone out tonight and am having a nice bath and staying in.
2. Felt a bit down about leaving the old flat as per previous post. End of chapter and all that. But on the 'pint is half full' front a new chapter is starting.
3. Have tons of emails to go through and start trying to answer.
4. Still have the rest of the weekend to get through.
5. Am missing clubbing which pisses me off but am just too tired (I know this is similar to Nay #1 but this is really annoying.
6. Forgot that I have to write a brochure before the end oof the weekend so it can get laid-out and printed by next Friday.

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