Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

DVD Shoppage and more work....

Well I *did* end up working today, but only from 1.30 which left me the morning to head into London and pick up the Tori Amos tickets, buy myself a Mission ticket for September and also hit the HMV sale for DVD shoppage.

What did I buy? Well......

Aliens VS Predator
Chronicles of Riddick
The Dreamers
Hardware Wars
The Ladykillers (remake with Tom hanks)
The Motorcycle Diaries
Oceans Eleven
Oceans Twelve
Resident Evil
Resident Evil - Apocalypse
The Thing
This Is Spinal Tap

I had to get Spinal Tap as I've never actually seen it and this seems to have shocked a number of people. As it was in the 3 DVDs for £20 section and I was also one DVD short of taking advantage of the offer it went in the basket. The other choice was the babylon 5 original movie which almost made it. Maybe next time.....

Am now knackered and Dom has just turned up for some gaming so I'd better go and whip his ass :p

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