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Auxerre Manager Retires After 44 Years In Charge

It's rare to stay in a single job for any length of time these days. Even more so if you are a Manager of a football club. Christ, we see some teams go through two or three managers a season sometimes!!

This makes Guy Roux even more remarkable. He announced his retirment as manager of Auxerre (a top French team) yesterday after winning French Cup. He's been manager of the team since 1961 when he was 23 as Player-Manager when the team was a small amateur side and took them on to become one of the best sides in France.

44 years as a manager. In a climate of big money luring people away and loyalty amongst officials and players being at an almost all time low, Mr Roux, I salute you. Congratulations and enjoy your retirement!

Roux Stands Down As Auxerre Boss (BBC News Online; Sunday 5th June 2005)

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