Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Interviewed by OLDSON

I'm going through a backlog of the 'interview meme' that went round a while ago trying to catch up and answer peoples question s.

First to put me on the block is oldson.

1) One for the ladies, how do you keep your hair so silky smooth?

You wouldn’t believe me if I told you. But hell, I’ll give it a go. Many, many years ago my mother read an article and foolishly relayed it to me about hair care. She said that apparently the best conditioner your hair can get is completely natural. If you go without washing your hair it will eventually start a self-cleansing mechanism. Don’t ask me how this works though, I never read the article and it was so long ago now I doubt even my mother actually remembers what it said. Needless to say I don’t actually use shampoo, conditioner or any hair products. When I wash my hair it’s just using water but it certainly seems to do the trick!


2) You wake up tomorrow and the world is perfect, what do you change?

Perfection is obviously something which is different from person to person. If the world was perfect by my definition then I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m not one of these people who gets agitated when everything is going well and I don’t have anything to complain about. I’d love a perfect world and leave the dark and imperfect worlds to fiction.


3) The ultimate challenge, what and why?

The ultimate challenge? There are way too many ‘ultimate’ challenges that the world needs to face and deal with to name just one. For me on a personal level. I really don’t know. I have lots of ‘goals’ but feel all are very achievable if I put the necessary work and time involved in doing them. Sorry, a bit of a kop-out on answering this one isn’t it?


4) Why the blue glasses?

I have always worn tinted glasses since I was in my late teens due to having light-sensitive eyes (as well as being nearly blind). They have generally always been more of a brownish-purple but I’ve been slowly trying to lighten the tint with each new pair as having heavy tints is just making my eyes go lazy and making my light-sensitive condition get worse because my eyes get used to the dark tint. At the opticians I chose a tint that looked brownish-purple but turned out to be quite blue when my glasses came through. I didn’t mind too much though as it’s a bit of a change and obviously gets noticed :p


5) Top of the RPG world with the respect of your peers, how does it feel? (We know how jealousy feels, just wanted to know how it feels on the other side :)

I hardly say I was at the top of the RPG world! Leisure Games is certainly one of the best known and biggest RPG retail companies in the adventure gaming industry which is fantastic. I’ve been working either full or part time there for 19 years this summer and have helped, with the rest of the guys past and present, to build it up from a little store Tony opened to fill his time until he ‘retired’ to being where the store is today with an international reputation amongst both publishers and consumers alike. There is always more to be done though and higher reaches to achieve.

As far as the RPG writing/publishing goes I’m still very, very much in the novice ranks. I may have been contributing to magazines for 17+ years (with plenty of gaps :p) and have done some freelance work but I barely hit the radar. It’s certainly my reputation/personality which has helped open a lot of doors and licensers as opposed to my CV. Hopefully this will change over the next few years though as the company has some very strong properties and some fantastic books coming out that will hopefully give us a very good reputation and following. When Cubicle 7 is the size of White Wolf then I’ll let you know how it feels. So give me about ten years I guess :p


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