Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Nutella, DIY and Where Did The Weekend Go?!?

I knew this weekend would end with me feeling like I want another two days off to get things done. I was sadly right about that although I managed to fairly spectacularly fail to do a number of the things on my original 'hit list'.

After I handed the keys back and said goodbye to the old place I got home feeling absolutely exhausted. So Friday night consisted of me staying in alone and 'chilling' with some good music, channel hopping through the music and news channels, and having a relaxing bubble-infested bath. Sasha and Dave went down to the Dev, got wasted, and ended up in the Ballroom so I had the whole evening to myself.

I went for an extended lunch with the hangover brothers on Saturday after they finally emerged from there respective dens. Chatted about various bits and pieces, especially to do with the publishing biz, also told them about the company logo I had been playing with which they both really liked. I'm now sending the ideas to one of our designers in the States to see how he interprets it. We are now in the position of needing a logo fairly soon as the website should be going live at the end of March/beginning April and our first book will be published in a few months. I've been more concerned in getting the writing and artwork in than worrying about logos (especially as all the ones I've looked at over the last few months haven't really grabbed me) but now priorities are changing for a few weeks.

Ended up at my Mother's, via a quick trip to Waterstones for a couple of research books, for my sisters leaving do. She left for Austria this morning to work at a sli restort for the next eught weeks. It's the first time she's ever been on a plane and also the first time she's left Britain (apart from when she was a baby) or spent any real length of time away from home. Should be an experience for her - hope she enjoys it.

As for today. Well, after having lunch with what we thought was going to be three friends and ended up being in excess of ten, Sasha and I hit Argos and I brought some new book cases. I spent most of the afternoon building said cases plus some other bits and pieces (CD Holders, etc) which had arrived earlier in the week. At least the floor is starting to look slightly less cluttered as things slowly migrate to new homes on the shelves.... So where does the Nutella come in? Sadly nothing kinky. I seem to have lost some weight around the waist (I know this because my trousers are now too loose...) so I decided to endulge myself with some Nutella in the hope that I'll put on all my lost pounds and not have to go and buy new, smaller, trousers. Hmm, on the other hand.....

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