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(News) Formula One Fiasco

I've just been reading about the US Grand Prix fiasco that occured today when 7 teams (14 cars) pulled out of the race just ebfore the start leaving 3 teams (6 cars) to compete in the race in front of a sell-out 100,000 crowd. Most of the crowd apparently left in disgust with a few thousand staying on to watch and jeer the organisers.

The problem came about when two drivers crashed in the same place in warm-ups and the tire manufacturer couldn't explain the problem. Nine of the ten teams agreed to a slight circuit change eliminating the problem but Ferrari vetoed it. As such all the temas using Michelin tires pulled their cars because of safety concerns.

Schumacher Claims Farcical US Win (BBC News Online; Sunday 19th June 2005)
US Race Boycott Set 'To Harm F1' (BBC News Online; Sunday 19th June 2005)
Team Heads Apologise For F1 Farce (BBC News Online; Sunday 19th June 2005)
Seven Teams Boycott US Grand Prix (BBC News Online; Sunday 19th June 2005)


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