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With all the turmoil of the weekend (posts now deleted, things explained on both sides and sorted out. Basically big misunderstandings combined with too much alcohol. Big apologies have now been given and I've dropped the subject and removed the posts so it doesn't stir up anymore annoyance) it's quite nice to be back at work.

I had an Argentinian artist in this morning showing me a number of properties he has developed over in Argentina. A couple of which have also had indy runs in the US. He has some very interesting ideas and whilst largely works in the comics arena several of them stand out as having quite a bit of gaming potential. Anyway, he's coming back tomorrow for lunch.

I doubt I'll be able to get much actual work done outside of the shop this week. I'm only working Monday-Wednesday due to going to sit in a hopefully non-muddy field for four days from Thursday listening to some great bands (Yay Glastonbury!!) and I'm busy on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. So that leaves this evening and, well, I'm probably going to have to stay a bit late and sort things out here as I have a short week! But now I'm going to have more spare time, and money, on my hands I can start putting a lot more time into the publishing biz so hopefully we'll see some movement very soon in that arena.

Anyway, till later..... have a nice day!

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