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Glastonbury Festival 2005 - Part I

I am alive and I have returned to civilization!!!!

I had a really great time and am pretty damn tanned for my efforts too! Despite the SEVEN AND A HALF HOUR ELECTRICAL STORM that hit us at about 3AM on Friday morning and caused much muddiness and some camp site flooding (see below)


But the major flooding was limited pretty much to one of the campsites, so the images many of you may have seen with tents completely submerged and canoes being used to rescue people was not representative of the whole festival :p

Still, the thunder, lightning and rain did cause a lot of disruption. For a start much of the place DID become a bit of a mudbath and as several stages were hit by lightning the power was cut and the festival only started after an hour or so delay when it was deemed safe. Saying that, even during The Undertones opening set the lighting flashed in the background and thunder rolled from afar.

I'll write more later but I had a marvellous time. I saw plenty of good music, met some fabulous new people, and had a great time with Mr and mrsdominic

I have also rediscovered my absolute love of The Levellers and must now buy a ticket for there Christmas tour. They utterly rocked!!! :D

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