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Does anyone these days have a straight forward one-on-one relationship?

It seems that everyone and their dog are currently involved in 'Open Relationships'!!! It's striking me as an increasingly popular fad that everyone feels they should be involved in. A bit like being bi-sexual was a number of years ago, or having threesomes (apparantly - although that 'fad' sadly passed me by dammit!)

Now whilst I have had 'open relationships' of a sort in the past the sudden boom is a bit disconcerting. I can see a lot of people getting hurt emotionally or via catching nasty things due to 'safe' relationships actually not being so 'safe' afterall.

It also says something about society where open relationships are becoming increasingly a lot more common. Communal living and not having a clue who your kids fathers are here we come!

Seriously though, I hope people are doing this because they are comfortable with it and not because 'all my mates are doing it' which it seems to be a bit of at present. Also nothing beats the closeness of a good, strong, one-on-one relationship. Sorry guys and gals. No amount of 'free' sex beats a strong loving relationship.

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