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(Film) Batman Begins & War of the Worlds

My internet connection is playing up (damn dial-up) so this will have to be megaquick.

Saw Batman Begins last night. Def the best of the Batman films to date. Villains were brill, darkness was brill. Wouldn't mind catching it again. School Report: B+

Saw War of the Worlds this morning. Enjoyed it although not 100% what I was expecting. I would still have preferred a proper adaptation of the Victorian novel but the special effects were fantastic and I loved the Tripods and destruction scenes :p I should be heading back and seeing this again in a couple of weeks once Sarah gets back from Holland as she also wants to catch it. It'll be good seeing it a second time I reckon. School Report: B

Also saw the trailer for King Kong on the 'big screen' before War of the Worlds. I enjoyed the trailer on the computer screen but seeing it 'up large' makes me even more keen on catching it when it comes out in December. Which is strange as I wasn't originally enthusing about it when jackson announced it as his follow-up to LotR. Also seen the trailer for 'The Island' a couple of times now and reckon that'll see me making my way to my local multiplex when it screens over here.

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