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Of Telephones.....

I changed provider at home yesterday for both my phone and broadband connection. The result of this is that I currently have neither at home anymore as I have to ring them up for the connection to be made. This would be alright (as its the only number I can currently dial out on) but is thrawted by the fact that I end up on continual hold without being able to talk to anyone living or mechanical.

I was busy thrashing Dom's ass in 'Age of Napoleon' last night so didn't have any time to sit around wasting then but tonight I'm at home and will be hanging on my telephone wiating for someone/thing to pick up and allow back into the 21st century.

My phone is also not accepting incoming calls because of this which is greatly annoying. I have also heard that people using my CURRENT home phone number are being told it doesn't exist so I am REALLY hoping they haven't gone and changed numbers on me....especially as they said that wouldn't happen.....

Anyway, updates as they develope and hopefully I'll actually be able to update this thing from home again one day in the near future.

Have a sunny Wednesday!

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