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Had a really nice day yesterday celebrating Dom's birthday. I went over to Mr and mrsdominic's house at midday and spent a little while chatting away before Dom and myself decided to pull out the copy of 'Civilization' we had arranged to play that afternoon and run through a few turns before everyone else turned up to make sure we remembered/knew the rules.

Now Civilization is one of my favourite games. I sadly don't get to play it all that often, mainly due to the length of time it takes (it's one of the longest games I know and we've had games last a good 6-10 hours before :p). I also usually play with 6 or 7 players but yesterdays gathering was with four. Dom, inskauldrak and Ronnie. The game itself was once again great fun with many advancements, population expansions, natural disasters and a few little skirmishes thrown into the mix. I decided to tackle life as Crete and was fairly pleased with the results. Considering I had a little island and couldn't expand until I built a ship it didn't pan out too badly for me. I managed to start populating a few different areas along the rim of the Mediterranean without too much conflict. In fact I think the only person I ended up really fighting throughout the game was the birthday boy himself :p

Anyway, after the game mrsdominic cooked us all a nice meal and joined us with Eleanor for feasting and then much chatting until hometime. Great fun. I think we're oragnising another days outting for Civilization too as all four of us enjoyed it and seem to have caught the bug again!

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