Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Well, those "couple of thousand" emails are pretty much electronic dust now. Still have a few to reply to (along with the backlog I left before I departed). Should aim to have an almost clear in-tray over the weekend. Not sure if that'll happen though - I've not had a clear in-tray since I first started using email! The most I've managed to get myself down to at home was about 15 emails outstanding. My average is probably between 30-50 which I should aim to lower.

GAMA was good fun although Board and Card Games dominated it this year. There is some activity on the Roleplaying front but not as much as usual. I *will* post a report of the show here although that might have to wait until the weekend too at this rate.

The highlight of the show was getting to meet up with everyone again (old friends and new) and spend some time drinking and chatting with several of them. It was also good to see a stronger British presence at the show as far as new publishers go. A really good publishing scene seems to be on the up in the UK for some reason. A handful of new companies burst on to the scene last year (check out the wonderful Victoriana by Heresy Gaming, A*State by Contested Ground, Crimson Empire by Crimson Empire, the Fighting Fantasy d20 Adventures by Myriador and the Crime Scene and Fright Night d20 books by Hogshead!) and with Mongoose based in the UK too we're carving out our own slice of the pie. With Cubicle 7 (blatant plug for me!) bursting onto the scene this year too things look set to continue in the right direction.

Anyway, better go now as my desk and floor seem to be surrounded in large piles of paper, letters, magazines/books and boxed card/boardgames (not to mention a rather large and impressive Galactus :-p) which need some sorting before I can safely go to bed.

I think I'm still on Vegas-time too atm. I didn't wake up until midday today!

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