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White Dwarf: Enemy of the State

I decided to take a couple of hours out of my hectic schedule of 'not seeming to get anything done but still being incredibly busy with no free time' (tm) when I got home from work today.

So I picked up a Korma on the way home and munched away on that whilst finally watching one of the DVDs I picked up aeons ago.

Tonights offering? Well, I actually choose "Enemy of the State" which stars Will Smith, Gene Hickman and Jon Voight (it also has appearences from Seth Green, Jack Black and Gabriel Byrne) and is a high-tech conspiracy thriller revolving around the murder of a Senator oppossed to a new bill allowing governmental invasion of a citizens privacy.

Anyway, the film was alright but nothing particulary special to write home about but that's not actually the reason of the post. It's quite sad that the main reason for me taking the time to write this is because right at the end when Will Smith is reunited with his wife and son they're watching telly whilst the kid is reading a magazine. So what? I hear you ask. Well, for the gamers amongst you the magazine is actually a copy of White Dwarf. I thought I recognised the Games Day logo on one of the pages and sure enough, in freeze frame, it's a Golden Demon awards page!!!

Yes. I'm sad. I'm now just going to bury myself in some more emails and listen away to the fantastic Gorillaz 'Demon days' CD.

Ta ta!

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