Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Sea Dogs and Publishing.....

Not sure if he realises but my father had a book published today. Pretty sure it's been reissued because of The Tall Ships Race which is currently taking place, but then again the book (Sailing Ships of the World, 2nd Ed) is a key text amongst sailing enthusiasts of the Tall Ship kind. I think it even has a forward by Prince Charles!

Anyway, it's a snip at £35 and I hope the publishers remember to send a few copies to my Mum's address so I can grab one!

This revelation also caused me to check out some of his older titles and I discovered that an American reseller is currently selling a book he wrote in 1978 for over £60!!! It only cost £3.50 when it was published and is only 64 pages long! My dad now seems to have entered the collectables market :p I'm sure we still have a few copies at home that we'd be more than happy selling for half that price!!!

It's actually quite weird that I've been slowly moving towards the publishing and writing side of affairs. My father was (if you ahdn't guessed by now) an author. Mainly of factual books and most of those covering Tall Ships and the history of sail, with a sprinkling of titles on Roman Legionnaires and mineralology (sp?). My grandfather actually owned a publishing company in Paris, although I haven't got a clue what type of books he published. I'd imagine it was more on the scientific and historic kind though knowing him. So I guess publishing is actually in my bones and there will be no escape for me. I hope not anyway as it's something I actually really want to make work! :D

Oh, and apart from having written a few books my father also won the aforementioned Tall Ships Race back in the late 70's for Britain. We still have the plaque at my mum's place! The old sea dog!!!

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