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The Crue, Saint Etienne and Time Off....

Just received Motley Crue's "Red, White & Crue" in the post. It's there new album and I'll admit the first ever Motley Crue album I've properly had (I think a friend recorded the one with Girls, Girls, Girls, etc, on for me in the 80's though). I've no idea what it'll sound like but the single from it ("If I Die Tomorrow") was really really surprisngly good. Probably means I'm in for a let down but we'll see...

I also received Saint Etienne's "Smash The System: Singles 1990-99" in the same delivery. I used to enjoy Saint Etienne 'back in the day' but haven't really listened to them for a few years now. Looking forward t exploring this one and rediscovering a load of songs my memory has faded out over the years :p

In other news - I have three days off!!! In a ROW!!! WOW!!! :D

Today is a mixture of a day of rest and work. I have a few things I really need to do but I also want to spend a little bit of time relaxing and having some 'Angus-time' as I've not really allowed myself any for a while. Angus-time will probably result in me either lying back and reading the new Harry Potter book or playing Championship Manager on the PC trying to get my various teams promoted :p

This evening sees Dom come over for a game whilst the TV is on in the background showing the Everton Champions League Qualifier.

Tomorrow I'm meeting up with Mr John Brown (ex-WOTC/RPGA) for lunch and chats and then the SKINNY PUPPY gig in the evening!!! Can't wait!

Thursday is more of a day of full-on work although I'm also hoping to arrange something with Mr Torley and Tam for a few hours. Then Friday is back to work :(....... although I will be B-Movie-ing in the evening which I am SO looking forward to. I might also be at Slimelight (boo hiss) on Saturday as it's Sarah's birthday and I said I'd go along for a few hours if she goes.


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Aug. 9th, 2005 11:57 am (UTC)
Please give Mr Brown a large hug from me!
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