Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Games Night - 09/08/05

Played a handful of games this evening. One new one to me, one I hadn't played since playtesting it at a Con 3 years ago and one variation of a game played before.

We finally gave Hive by Gen.4.2 a go. I've had the game for years but never got round to playing it. The designer is local to us and actually playtested the game at the local games club. I never played it there though. The pieces are lovely. Thick wooden hexagons with a picture of an insect on the top with either Blue or Silver background to show who owns the piece. The game itself is a two-player strategy game whose object is to try and surround the opponents Queen Bee. Each insect piece has different movement traits but you can never break the chain of the hive creating a section disconnected with the rest of the playing pieces. It has no board so you can pretty much play it anywhere and it's small enough that you could take it away on holiday with you. We played several games at the beginning of the night and went back for a few more before Dom headed home. It's pretty quick, say 20 minutes tops. Certainly one I can now reccommend :p

I first played Fightball at a games convention in a hotel by the NEC back in 2002 I think. James Ernest, the designer, whipped my hind before I took revenge on another con-goer (Paul Wade-Williams - now working for Great White Games on their Savage Worlds line). It's a very fast-paced 'sports' game where you are trying to lay your cards as quick as possible to get your players into goal scoring opportunities whilst trying to prevent your opponents players from scoring. The game is made up of four quarters which are in turn made up of two rounds. The first round is where each player tries to play all of their cards and finishes when the first player runs out and 'Buzzes'. The second  round is tallying up any goals you scored and any fouls  that took place. Over the course of the four quarters you tally up all your points and the person with the most wins. The first game I thrashed Dom 50 - 9, on the second rematch Dom faired slightly better but still ultimately lost 38 -16. Enjoyed it but not sure it'll be a regular feature on the games table. There are three sets in the series (each containing two teams). We played Aztec and The Dark.

After our successful three-player Dungeoneer experience the other week we decided to give one of the smaller 2-player expansions a go. These can be added to the other sets to make larger games but for two players they work well enough. We choose the Haunted Woods of Malthorin tonight and donned our adventuring garb and headed into those dark woods. I was a Centaur Ranger and Dom was a Druid. The game does play well with two-players but I must say it's more fun with more as people get screwed over more often :p Has got some very nice magic items in it though and the Drow ended up kicking some serious Druid ass which was nice to see! :p

I have also got a sample few packs of Hidden City's new CLOUT game. This game has been causing a bit of a stir because it's from thePeter Adkison's  new company. For those who don't know who Peter is then you probably also haven't heard of Magic: The Gathering or Wizards of the Coast, which is game and company he first produced back in 1993. I was dubious when I first heard about CLOUT as it's a collectible poker chip combat game. Hmm.... sounded to me a bit like a glorified POG. Anyway, I know daver2323 is doing some artwork on future sets and Peter certainly has enough money to market and promote it intensely. I just don't know if it's something that will do well in the Hobby market though. Mind you, when I first saw the early Mage Knight figures I didn't think it'd catch on - to be fair I still didn't think that until Heroclix was announced! Anyway, I'll give CLOUT a go in the near future and report back then.

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