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Dr Who Porn, Dragons Over Tibet, Lost, Witchfest, and loads more.....

OK, I said I'd try and update this evening and, well, I guess I just made it with a few minutes to spare.

Dr Who Porn
Yes, I did mention Dr Who porn earlier. One of my LJ friends (no names mention....) found Dr Loo on the web (I won't ask what he was surfing for....). I will warn anyone who doesn't like hardcore porn not to follow the links.

To quote him..

"This is a trailer for Dr Who Porn from dolltheatre a british porn outfit. Naturally it shows mainly fucking rather than the plot but from what I can gather Dr Loo or at least Kay Nine (who is actually very cute for a british porn star) has arrived in a portaloo tardis to save the world from Daleks who have aquired a giant dildo as one of thier 'arms'."

Kay Nine is pretty cute but I have no idea what's going on with the daleks later in the trailer?!? I also think they could have tried a little harder for some more Dr Who symbology :p

More on Belarus and the Poland/Russia Arguements
Former Polish Solidarity leader, Polish President and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Lech Walesa, has said he would support a people's revolution in neighbouring Belarus but they shouldn't count on any help from the European Union in changing their government after his experiences trying to overthrow the Polish authorities back in the 80's. Walesa Backs Belarus Revolution (BBC News Online; Sunday 14th August 2005)

Dragons Over Tibet
I originally saw this on Warren Ellis' LJ but oldmoherchaos also digged it up. Photo's taken by an amateur photographer whilst in an aircraft flying over the Tibetan Himalaya's. Also has a nice tale towards the end of the article about the death of a black dragon that fell to Earth back in 1944. Dragons In The Tibel Sky (Epoc Times; 7th August 2005)

The Next US President?
oldmotherchaos also came across the site of a potential Presidential Candidate for the 2008 elections. Now I'd like to say that if this guy really ran for it and got in he'd make onescarey kick-ass President! 


Walken 2008 Campaign Site

I Guess This Means Some Veggies Can Start Eating Meat Again?
Scientists Aim For Lab-Grown Meat (BBC News Online; Saturday 13th August 2005)

I saw the first episode (or two?) of Lost last night. I like what I've seen so far and I'll certainly try and watch the future episodes (or just give up and wait for it to come out on DVD....). My initial thought is that they all actually died in the plane crash and are now in Purgatory or some such. All the actual dead even transcended to Hevaen or Hell but all of the survivors have backgrounds that have prevented them from moving on.

The Island
I saw 'The Island' on Saturday in Camden. I actually really enjoyed it. Scarlett Johansson is SO CUTE and the special effects and chase scenes are very good. The plot is a nice idea but does strike me as something that's been used before and the ending is a bit damp. Overall though certainly worth seeing imho. Might do better review later but time is running out before my time to head to dreamland. School Report: B (very good but could have done better with a alternative ending)

Witchfest 2005
Anyone up for Witchfest on November 5th down in Croydon? I haven't been to a Pagan convention for about 8/9 years (since it was the PF Conference) and although there'll probably be people I remember down there a hand to hold wouldn't go amiss. Certainly if a few of my ex's are lurking :p On the plus side they have quite a good musical line-up for the evening.... NFD, Mediaeval Babes and Inkubus Sukkubus!


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