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Cubicle 7 Entertainment Update – August 2005

For those of you who may be interested but aren't on sla_industries , The Team 8 Forums or the Station-Analaysis Mailing List.

Cubicle 7 Entertainment Update – August 2005

Hi folks,

Sorry for being out of contact for a while. I’m sure you don’t want to know all the in’s and out’s of it but if you do let me know and I’ll send you the not-so gorey details. In short though we’ve experienced a few problems mainly evolving round money, time and people letting us down. That said things are picking up again now. I have new housemates who are paying rent (I spent nearly £5,000 of the money I put aside for publishing on keeping the house going when people moved out until two new housemates moved in) so the money situation is doing better, time management has kicked in and is working a lot better as other ‘outside’ concerns have died down and I have ‘hopefully’ a good team of editors and layout guys now onboard who will (hopefully) hit their deadlines (looks sternly at them…).

Anyway, we’re still here and new books for SLA are still coming.

I’ve rejigged the schedule slightly moving Cannibal Sector One up into poll position. I reckon as there hasn’t been a SLA release since Contract Directory a few years ago you’d appreciate something a bit more meaty than Hunter Sheets. Cannibal Sector One certainly has enough ‘meat’ in it that should keep everyone amused and sate your hunger until Hunter Sheets follows it out of the door.

Cannibal Sector One should be back from the editor in early September upon which time the layout guy gets his mitts on it. As soon as he can confirm final page count I’ll be setting the RRP and contacting distributors for orders and also making it available on pre-order for those people who want to be mailed a copy direct. I would envisage the book actually seeing the light of day no later than November – but that is dependent on the various cogs working and I ‘will’ keep you updated as each cog turns.

Hunter Sheets One is ready to roll and has been for some time. After CS1 rolls out we’ll be doing a final touch up on Hunter Sheets (basically just adding company info/logo onto the back cover and front page) and then I’ll look at setting a release date for it. I’d expect this to be in the first quarter of 2006 if CS1 does make it out before Christmas.

Soft Companies is going to editing in September when our editor returns from the States where he’s at GenCon Indy followed by a short holiday there. Soft Companies should now be our third release. All the text and most of the art is completed with Dave due to finish the additional art by the end of the year.

All the art is completed for Jacinto but Dave has taken time out from completing the written side of it to concentrate on both the Soft Companies artwork and also his freelancing which, I’m pleased to say, has been going very well since he moved up to Glasgow. Tim is still involved with the Xaime project although his self-imposed rewrite is on hold whilst he completes a couple of projects for a mass-market publisher.

I’m meeting up with Grim for a weekend at the beginning of September to go over more of the plans for SLA 2.0. The following week should see me over in Paris where I’ll be meeting up with Dave and Jared for more chats.

So apologies again for being out-of-the-loop recently and also for the release schedule slipping as is all too common in the RPG industry. I will be frequenting both the Team 8 Forums and the Station Analysis mailing list a lot more in the coming weeks and months so if you have any questions please grab me on one of those of mail me direct on

Take care and Stay SLA!

Angus Abranson
Cubicle 7 Entertainment/
Nightfall Games Limited
London, UK
"You are where the forgotten wait."


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