Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Games Night 17/08/05 - Shadows Over Camelot/Dungeoneer: Dragons of the Forsaken Desert

Well, my love affair with Days of Wonder games seems to be continuing. What's worse is that it's now even moved on-line since I started playing Ticket To Ride online with people from all over the world. Their on-line play is actually very good and I'd reccommend it anyone with an interest in the games. The game play is exactly the same as the board game and is very easy to use. You can even just set up a closed game for you and your friends or just use against artificial computer players if you don't feel like testing your skills against unknown players from around the globe.

I played my first game agianst 3 computerised opponents as I wanted to get the hang of the online game before going 'live'. I've since had a few 'live' games and haven't done too badly. Slowly working my way up their rankings system :p

Anyway, we played another Days of Wonder game last night. The highly rated 'Shadows Over Camelot'. None of us had played it before but the rules are easy enough to pick up and play without too much of a fuss. The idea behind the game is that all the players take on the role of one of the famous 'Knights of the Round Table' and work together in defeating the various obstacles and completeing the Quests (such as the Quest of the Holy Grail). There is a chance that one of you may be a traitor however - which you'll need to try and unearth before the end of the game as they'll be playing alongside you but have their own agenda. It was a great game and one I'd certainly like to play again. It worked well with four players (we lost and none of us ended up as the traitor even though I accused Seth and he accused me at different points!). I'd like to play with the full 7 players as the paranoia over who's the traitor must be even more intense as it's highly likely someone will be in a 7-player game. It is one that I would certainly reccommend to people and has the rarity of being one of only a few boardgames where all the players are actually trying to help each other (well apart from that bastard traitor...) as opposed to out for personal gain.


We also played Dungeoneer: Dragons of the Forsaken Desert again last night. And boy did this one turn out to be a marathon this time round. We brought it out as a 'quick filler' but it ended up taking about 2 hours with the four people playing. Admittedly we were being extra vicious to each other (I guess we'd co-operated enough for one evening after Shadows Over Camelot...) and were playing locations in extremely hard positions for the others to reach. The Forsaken Desert set is also the toughest set of Dungeoneer I've actually played which probably contributed to the length of the game too. My poor little Dragon Warrior was killed off around the hour mark after only completing one mission (only myself and Seth had successfully gone up a level by then!) and then the remaining three players toughed it out between them until finally Nicole (goldmoonrj) over came the odds and came out victorius over Dom who was the only remaining character alive.

Not sure when we'll be boardgaming againa s the next few sessions will be taking up with playing Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play and we've also got a few people away on gaming nights over the next month. Sure we'll be able to squeeze a game or two in somewhere though.... and failing that I always have Ticket To Ride On-Line!!! :p

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