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Sunday Musings - Work, Global Domination and Dead Musicians

Had a very bad nights sleep. Had to get up in the middle of the night to take some pills to try and numb my head enough so I could catch a few zzz's before the dawn chorus broke. It semi-worked, although I was up and showered by 9 still (on I Sunday!!!!).

Mind you I still somehow managed to squeeze in another 'entrepeneur' dream but I have to wait until people start returning from GenCon Indy before I can start following it up by email.

Anyway, I am back in work already - getting ready for the deluge of Sunday paperwork and general catch-up that I do in the peace of a closed office sans interruptions of staff, shoppers or phone calls. I usually manage to get loads done and I'm hoping my headache stays in the little cave it seems to have retreated to for the last couple of hours for a good few more!

Then it's back home to continue the plan for global domination.....(cue evil laughter....)

(Also for some reason I've turned very classical this morning - four of the CDs I brought to work are double CD sets of various symphonies and concerto's - admittedly the others are Fields of the Nephilim and Puressence, but still I guess I'm looking for the mellower sounds today :p)

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