Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Nick Cave

I've not been feeling very well this week and have stayed in every evening (and most days) trying to recuperate. Not a great way to spend some days off but then again it has allowed me to get on with a shitload of Cubicle 7 work and catch-up on a number of other things. So in some ways feeling iffy has been useful and productive. Of course the bit where I was feeling iffy and doing nothing was less productive and the bits where I was feeling iffy so spending my time playing Ticket To Ride online and my football management game were also not very productive.

But I digress.

This evening the lovely mooncadet had arranged some passes to go and see Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds at Alexandra Palace. It's the first gig I've been to in Ally Pally and it is a lovely venue, even if some of the acoustics weren't great depending on where you stood. It was also nice being able to go to a gig which is practically 'next door' instead of having to travel all the way into the centre of London. I used to go drinking in the Phoenix Bar in Ally Pally quite a bit and walk home - yes it's a bit of a walk to mine but very doable.

Anyway, we were able to bypass the enourmous que and go straight to the guest enterance to collect our Triple A stickers that allowed us (in theory) to roam free. We caught part of the Sons & Daughters set who impressed me and I'll certainly try and catch them again and probably end up picking up the CD to give them a better listen. Then, after a short interlude, Mr Cave and his Bad Seeds came on to entertain. He was certainly better than I saw him last year at Brixton but not as good as some of the otehr times I've caught him. Part of this was probably down to the fact that I wasn't really feeling top-notch and I must admit after he played The Weeping Song (one of my all time favourites) I started considering calling it a night and heading home. I stayed around for a bit longer, chatted to Santi and Fiona for a while, and then made my farewells - found Mel, thanked her and made my merry way homebound.

Am annoyed at not feeling 100% atm. Am annoyed at not even feeling 80% atm. It's going to be a quiet bank holiday weekend for me in regards to night-time activity. I'm working Friday/Saturday and either Sunday or Monday in anycase and the only things I'm down to do is go for a family meal on Sunday evening and pop over to Dom and mrsdominic 's on Monday evening as I'm going to be looking after their cats whilst they're on holiday. Will also be having a game of something with Dom (no incentive to go round there then!!! :p)

Am also annoyed as the Nick Cave Triple A pass apparently also allowed us into the After Party! Would have been very interested to have done that one if we could have found it but then I guess there'll be other After Show Parties to attend!!! Hmm.... well, maybe.... :p

Many thanks to mooncadet for arranging the tickets. Sorry I wasn't a bit more perky!

I'm now going to finish one more email and then hit the ssack to read before falling (hopefully) blissfully to sleep for a few hours.

Catch you all soon!

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