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Today has ended up a non-day. One of those days in which you had a number of things planned, and back-up plans if they failed, but end up doing nothing.

Part of it was due to the heat and a restless nights sleep that left me feeling shitty this morning. Part of it was due to everyone else having the day off and just chilling with them which was nice.

So far today has largely consisted of water fights, ice cream, Rawk Music, water fights and a trip to Tesco's.

Didn't make it to Milton Keynes. Didn't catch up on my emails. Didn't write anything.

This evening the usual suspects are coming over for some games which I'm looking forward to.

On the subject of games - I'm looking for a copy of Games Workshop's "Mighty Armies" is anyone has one they wish to part with. I played it for the first time on Monday and really enjoyed it. For some reason I never looked at it when it was available (my loss).


Aug. 31st, 2005 04:20 pm (UTC)
Do you mean Mighty Empires (as demonstrated here)? If so, yes, I do have a copy though it's back at my parents' house but I can retrieve it next time I'm up there.
Aug. 31st, 2005 04:53 pm (UTC)
That's the baby!

Although BGG reckon it's a 120 minute game!!! Like....HOW????

120 hours possibly, but 120 minutes??? I reckon you'd need pretty much all day to play a game out to it's natural conclusion. We played for probably about 4 hours on Monday and certainly weren't nearing the end!

I would love a copy if you are able to find it. How much would you like for it? Also (roughly) when might you be digging it up? There's no rush as Dom has a copy which we'll no doubt be battering further when time allows.

Thanks Chris!

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