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Bush - Lining up his post Presidential Career in Comedy

What a pillock.

I don't now how many of you have seen/heard/read about his presentation at the 60th annual dinner of the Radio and Television Correspondents' Association of America but he was cracking some fine jokes.

You can read the story here (Bush's Iraq WMDs joke backfires - BBC On-line 26 March 2004) but in brief Bush Jnr narrated a slide show poking fun at himself and others in his administration. The following has been lifted from the BBC news article....

---One pictured Mr Bush looking under a piece of furniture in the Oval Office, at which the president remarked: "Those weapons of mass destruction have got to be here somewhere."

After another one, showing him scouring the corner of a room, Mr Bush said: "No, no weapons over there," he said.

And as a third picture, this time showing him leaning over, appeared on the screen the president was heard to say: "Maybe under here?" ---

That's right Jnr make fun of the fact that you completely mislead the world and took not only your own country but a number of others on a war in completely false pretenses and have as a result heightened the hatred against your own people and helped destabilise an already volatile region.


I want to live in a reasonably stable and peaceful world that isn't run by raving, completely unstable, religous lunatics of any denomination. Is that too much to ask?


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