Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Gamery Goodness and Gamery Badness

The Goodness:
Oh, I saw piccies of the new AT-AT miniature (I say miniature in the loosest possible terminology - the f**kers MASSIVE) that WOTC are bringing out for their Star Wars Tradable Miniatures game later this year. WOW. It's very impressive and VERY big!

The Badness:
Was contacted by one of the US companies we do business with today. They supply us with an item called Tact-Tiles which are incredibly solid wipeable map boards which are easier to use than the Battlemats Chessex produce. Anyway, we just ordered some mroe earlier today and they got back to us saying they're currently reprinting but the next run is going to have to be slightly more expensive due to the hike in oil prices in the States in the last few days. They are being hit already. I hope this is not going to last long as everything will end up creeping up in price not only in the States but worldwide.

But at least, as Mr Kovalic put it, we still have our homes!

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