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Save 100 People and Face Arrest.......

OK, there is currently an overload of stories about New Orleans. Most of them absolutely terribly on either a personal level or regarding various authorities complete shambles both before acting and since they've acted.

The news  that the Red Cross have been asked to stop supplying food and water to the homeless in New Orleans because the government is worried they won't then leave is absolutely irresponsible. If The Red Cross stop gupplying food and water people will die and as it's preventable that would also be called murder by most courts.

I was also amused to see that some of the people left behind in New Orleans were called 'insurgents' in a right-wing broadcast. I believe the broadcast was from a radio jock and there are a scarey amount of insane jocks on the air and I've not heard it from an official governemental source (nor a more reliable form of broadcaster). But if America has 'insurgents' I'm guessing there is now a state of Civil War going on....?

I also read a story about an 18-year old called Jabbor Gibson who commandered a vacant school bus in New Orleans, packed it with 100 strangers and drove them out of the city and to Houston, getting there before the officialy evacuated people. He saved 100 people but there is talk of CHARGING HIM FOR STEALING THE BUS!!!! He just SAVED 100 people for Christs sake! The kid should be given a medal. One source of the story is here ... Taking Refuge In The Astrodome (KRGVTV; Thursday 1st September 2005)

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