Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Gig-0-Rama.... Young Gods, etc

I wish I had a better bank balance. I think I need to start doing porn or something to get rich....:p

Noticed that The Young Gods are playing The Barfly in Camden on Friday 25th November. This amazes me as it's a teeny venue. But Stargreen only had three tickets left on-line a few minutes ago. They now have two and I *will* be going to the ball. Time to dig out some old Young God vinyls and go bopping around the room to Skinflower I feel!

You can always tell when the university's are about to head back. The live music circuit in London goes haywire. There are SO many bands playing in the next few months that this little Angus wants to go and see. So many..... Well, I guess I shouldn't have so many expensive hobbies and try and run a secondary business on the side using my alledgedly spare cash (hmm.... go to lots of concerts or publish games....?).

Some Gigs:
8th September - Puresseence (Islington Academy)
14th September - Fischerspoon (Astoria)
20th September - Nickelback (Shepherds Bush Empire)
22nd September - Seether (Mean Fiddler)
24th September - The Mission (Astoria)
25th Septemnber - Nightwish (Hammersmith)
5th October - The Subways (Astoria)
6th October - Goldfrapp (Brixton Academy)
10th October - The Editors (Astoria)
11th October - Queen Adreena (ULU)
15th October - New Model Army (Astoria)
25th October - Kaiser Chiefs & Maximo Park (Brixton Academy)
26th October - Lacuna Coil (Scala)
27th October - The Delays (Shepherds Bush Empire)
30th October - KMFDM (Scala)
2ns November - The Stranglers (Shepherds Bush Empire)
11th November - Billy Idol (Brixton Academy)
11th November - The Cardiacs (Astoria)
18th November - My Dying Bride (Astoria)
21st November - Sons & Daughters (Kings College)
24th November - Spear of Destiny & Gene Loves Jezebel
25th November - The Young Gods (Barfly)
28th November - The Bravery (Brixton Academy)
30th November - Franz Ferdinand (Alexander Palace)
1st December - Franz Ferdinand (Alexadner Palace)
6th December - Robert Plant (Forum)
7th December - Jim Bob (Islington Academy)
16th December - The Levellers (Shepherds Bush Empire)
25th Janury - Fear Factory (Astoria)
26th January - HIM (Brixton Academy)

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