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There & Back Again....

Well, I'm back in town!

The town actually being a city and that city being London.

I had a great time in Paris, as always. I arrived on Friday early afternoon and after booking in to my hotel on rue du Pont Neuf just off Rivoli (which turned out to be the same place I stayed in a few years ago with Delphine, weaselbitch and dodgyhoodoo) I made my pilgimage to L'Ouef Cube and Starplayer to pick up a few books. I was very conservative this time around as money was in much shorter supply this weekend than on my last visit. As it was I spent my entire book budget + 10 Euros by the time I'd left the shops. (For those interested I picked up the Exil RPG, Cirkus RPG, Colt Town for Post-Mortem and Arkeos Book 5: Les Cites d'Or).

I also impressed myself by not getting lost a single time on this trip - including navigating back streets and short cuts - and managed to find my way from Jussieu to Boulevard St. Germain through the Latin Quarter to Notre Dame and back to the hotel very easily .

I met up with Jared (another Nightfaller and someone who I have it on good authority is about to start an LJ....) in the evening and we had a couple of drinks whilst wiating for daver2323 to arrive in town. Once Dave had found his way in we hit a restaurant and then a bar. I left the others about midnight and again impressed myself by finding my way back to the hotel without getting lost.

Delphine met me at 10am the next day and we had some breakfast and did a bit of shopping whilst waiting for Dave and Jared to awaken and get into town. They finally managed it about 1pm (two hours late boys!!!!) and we went straight into eating mode before once again doing a quick tour of the games and comic stores for Dave and Jared (surprisingly Delphine was the only one of us to buy a game on this outting but I put that down to my sneaky advance trip the day before :p). We then set off towards the Eiffel Tower. Jared said it'd only take us 20 minutes which I disagreed with as we were near Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower is miles away from there! I reckoned it'd be about an hours walk and sure enough it was! Although Jared did confide in Dave and said it'd would probably be an hour but if he'd said that people wouldn't have wanted to walk it!!! :p In any case it wasn't raining and walking is healthy (even if I wasn't wearing a particualrly comfortable pair of shoes!). After the walk and much oo'ing and arr'ing at the Tower (mianly over Jared's very impressive bit of spying equipment...:p) we headed back into the city centre so Delphine could catch her train home.

I met up with the boys again this morning at an Irish pub and then went for a Fondu before heading home myself.

It was a really nice trip. It's always nice catching up with Delphine, Dave and Jared. It was also really nice having Delphine, Dave and myself in the same place again for a little while as we must have all lived together for 2-3 years and I lived with each for about 4-5 individually.

It also brought home how much I really do miss having Delphine around. It's great talking to her on the phone but having one of your best friends in a different country that you only get to see a couple of times a year (and usually only for a day or two) really sucks. I also miss having Dave live with me too.

But life moves on and takes many directions. It has cleared a few things in my mind though and made me realise that I've been putting myself down alot over the last couple of years. All in all it was very good on a number of different levels. Paris is a lovely city and I really can't wait to get back there again.


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Sep. 11th, 2005 10:07 pm (UTC)
You'll have to tell me what Exil is like. I've heard good things about Vermine too but haven't read it.

Do you get much of chance to game in French? I've met some people in Blackheath who want to play once a month and thought you might be up for it.
Sep. 11th, 2005 10:26 pm (UTC)
Initial flick through looks pretty interesting but I haven't had a proper read as yet. I brought Vermine and a couple of supplements last time I was in Paris earlier this year. I haven't had a proper look at that yet either though due to a combination of buying rather a lot of books at that time and having a distinct lack of time since then to do much reading/translating.

**Do you get much of chance to game in French?**

Ah, now here's the quandry. Despite me being half-French and having had a French girlfriend for near enough five years I speak very little and very bad French. I know enough to get by (most of the time) when I'm in France or in a tight spot but I have not practised properly in a very long time and my dear father never felt it worth his time to teach myself or my sisters when we were very young and would have found it very easy. Not being able to speak French (or any second/third/fourth language) is something I lament as I feel it is one of the most useful skills everybody should learn from a very young age. Being multi-lingual is very important in todays world and it is something I'd really like my kids to be taught very young (even if their mother ends up being a native English-speaker and not some jolly foreigner!:)

My ability to read French is much better than my spoken skills.

*I've met some people in Blackheath who want to play once a month and thought you might be up for it.*

If you're playing in French then I guess I could make sure I either played someone without any of the same language skills as the rest of the party - or maybe the village idiot! :p

In anycase, Blackheath is a little bit far away for me (certainly for mid-week play). I would love to give some of the French games a go at somepoint though - as long as they are played in English!!!! :p

Thanks for your email btw. I'm going to start replying to outstanding mail late tomorrow night.

Take care,
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