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Games Day

Yay! Have finally been invited up to Games Day at the Birmingham NEC in a couple of weeks time. Games Day is a very large hobby event organised by Games Workshop and is the Mecca for the washed and unwashed hordes of Workshop fans - novices and veterans alike.

It's been a convention that has always interested me. Mainly because of the organisational ability behind it. It has a very strong reputation for being very well organised and puts many other conventions to shame.

I decided I should go and see this for my self first hand. A secondary reason is meeting with some old friends who work at Workshop or it's subsidaries and for the general networking and information gathering activities that Angus' usually switch to at such events. No doubt I'll also be oogling a vast array of very nice figures and dioramas whilst I'm there.

I think I'll leave my cheque book and cards at home. Actually the state they're in at the moment they wouldn't be much use to me in any case! :p

Have any of you guys been to Games Day before? Are any of you going this year?

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