Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Trailer Frenzy

Just spent another few hours raping the internet for new movie trailers for 2004/2005. More good stuff (and some truly awful ones) heading to our screens over the next twelve months of so.

Best discovery of the night was Ginger Snaps II. I loved the first film so finding a sequel is on its way was exciting.

The Merchant of Venice is due for release in 2005 but the trailer looks fab. I'm a big fan of Shakespeare and with a cast that includes Joseph Fiennes (Bassanio), Jeremy Irons (Antonio), Andy Serkis (Tubal) and Al Pacino (Shylock) it should be a good adaptation.

I also saw the trailer for I, Robot starring Will Smith. It looks pretty damn good too although I can't recall if I read the book as a teenager or not. I know I read some Asimov but found it pretty boring and am not sure if I, Robot was one that I picked up. In any case the film looks like it's worth checking out.

Also saw Shaun of the Dead, Dawn of the Dead and The Incredibles again for the hell of it. Film not to watch this year is Planetfall which looks absolutely appalling.

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