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Working from home, Fischerspooner, The Dead 60's and Time Enhancement

Working from home today which is nice. It's a lot quieter and I get a lot more done due to the uninterrupted workflow. Still, I'm not sure how much I'll actually manage to get done today as I've given myself a ton of work to do here with some very major updating of our print catalog and also lots of contacting companies about there existing lines and helping to improve/widen their distribution over here in the UK and European markets.

On top of that I've still got a whole load of Cubicle 7 bits that need catching up with which look like they'll have to wait until Saturday now.

Later I'm off to see Fischersponner and Protocol which should be interesting. I have a Fischersponner CD and it's grown on me and Protocol's bassist is one of my flatmates ex's so I've been instructed to smuggle in some rotten eggs :p

Tomorrow night is gaming (yay!), Friday I believe Sarah is coming over for a bite to eat and to try and finish off Angel Season 2. Saturday I'm hoping to meet up with dodgyhoodoo for chatting about various projects and also possibly go for a drink with a friend if she's free. Sunday is my grandmothers birthday and Sister #3's belated birthday party as she's now back in london after working up North over the summer.

If anyone knows a way to double, or triple, the amount of time available in a day I'd be very interested to hear your methods.

Also, I caught The Dead 60's on telly last night and they sounded really good (the song I heard waas very 'The Clash' inspired). Anyone heard more of them? Good? Bad? I think this was the band Delphine was telling me about on saturday so I'll have to ask her next time we speak too.

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