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Sunday Games

Today was a day of food and games round at my mothers. The gathering was nominally held because of my Grandmothers birthday and also as a late birthday for Sister #3 who was away working 'up north' when it was her actual birthday back in July.

Foodwise we had a lovely roast beef for lunch and jacket potatoes for dinner. Nothing like home cooked food, especially when cooked by your mother and not by yourself! :p

Gameswise we had rather a lot of people which proved a bit complicated in finding games for. The first game was 'Ticket to Ride' which had gone down very well last time I played it with Sisters #2 and #3. We ended up having a five player game (the first time I've played with that many in this game) with a couple of people 'teaming up' to play in order for all 6 of us who wanted to play to be able to. Sister #1 also kept popping in to see how her other half (Paul) was doing in the game. Ticket to Ride as a 5-player game certainly gets very competitive for routes. Almost instantly there was fierce competition in certain areas with people having to completely change, or abandon, some of the routes due to other players getting in there first. It was still very good fun but Dominique (Sister #2) ended up walking away as clear winner with Genevieve (Sister #3) and her boyfriend Tom coming second and myself in third. Simon (Dom's ex) came fourth with poor Paul being lapped on the scoring board in fifth place - although admittedly he was very unlucky by missing out on a very long route by one turn and also by getting screwed over quite badly to begin with.

Next up we played 'Shadows Over Camelot'. The game is a co-operative game for 3 to 7 players, so it easily coped with the six of us playing. Now in Shadows Over Camelot you are trying to complete 'Quests' to gain 'white' swords around the Round Table. You have to get more White swords than Black swords by games end to be able to win the game. Everyone is working as a team but there is a chnace that one of you might actually be a traitor who is secretly trying to make you loose. With six players the chances there was a traitor amongst us was pretty high. Anyway, the six of us worked pretty well as a team, managing to see off the nasty Pict invaders, gaining Excalibur and Lancelot's Armour, fending off the shadows after The Grail (although not actually gaining it ourselves) and holding the Siege Engines at bay outside the walls of Camelot. I did have my eyes on Sir Percival (Paul) though as he didn't seem to be helping out as much as possible, had horded quite a few life points, and (I felt) had made a few 'interesting' calls. I bided my time though until we only had one sword space left on the table with 6 whites and 5 blacks laid down. If we had an undiscovered traitor amongst our ranks by the time the twelfth sword was drawn, we would loose as two of our White swords would be forever converted to the dark side tipping the balance 8-4 in their favour. As such I made my move and accused Sir Percival as the traitor in our midsts. He showed himself for the blackheart that he was thus handing victory to the worthy Knights of Camelot and our King, Arthur....

So, finally won Shadows Over Camelot as a team effort, which was fun :p

Anyway, back home to a very warm house (put the central heating on for the first time today - gee it is beginning to get a bit nippy out there. Guess that's goodby summer then ... :p). Am now going to have a realtively relaxed evening, catching up on a few emails and doing a little bit of work before retiring with a book.

Tomorrow night I'll be watching a preview of Serenity with any luck, Tuesday I have drinks/business meeting, Wednesday is games nights, Thursday is Seether and then it's another weekend. Still looking for that device that slows time to no avail.....

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