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The Magic Roundabout Movie

Well, I couldn't resist mentioning this one here.

They are making a Magic Roundabout movie for release in 2005. The synopsis is rather weird and not at all how I remember the kids show but hell that's what happens when you have a show with so many drug references in it!

The quick plot outline is thus...

"A group of friends embark on a dangerous journey in an effort to imprison their oppressor -- the evil wizard ZeeBaDee."

They have a great line up for the voices too:
ZeeBaDee - Tom Baker
Brian - Jim Broadbent
Ermintrude - Joanna Lumley (yay!)
Florence - Kylie Minogue (double yay!)
Dylan - Bill Nighy (I think I bumped into Mr Nighy yesterday at the bank. He overheard me talking about Vegas and struck up a brief conversation. It may have just been a lookalike though. Must find a picture of him and his missus/partner to check)
Zebedee - Richard O'Brien (triple yay! but confused about seemingly multiple bouncy folk?)
Dougal - Robbie Williams (I am so loving this cast line!)
Soldier Sam - Ray Winstone (quad yay!)

So, can you tell why I'm excited?

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