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(Review) Serenity

I saw Serenity this evening with Mr and mrsdominic, hareb_sarap, dredd_bob and Fabio thanks to Empire Magazine and VUE Cinema's teaming up to lay on a series of previews up and down the land. It was supposed to be a 'surprise' preview but a little investigation pretty much confirmed it was going to be Serenity that was shown.

I was glad with the mix of people who managed to make it as Mr and mrsdominic have not seen the TV series (Firefly) but the rest of us had (or in the case of Fabio had two episodes left to watch). I wanted to see how non-Firefly fans reacted to the film as well as how fans of the show did.

I won't say much about the actual film itself as it's not on general release and I don't want to spoil things for those who haven't seen it yet. I will say however that I really enjoyed the film and although some of the acting wasn't top notch in places the plot, most of the script, the special effects and the Reavers where on the whole fantastic. There are definetly a few surprises in there for people and I'm sure fans and non-believers alike will really like it.

General concensus from our little group was that it was a great Sci-Fi film and I think I'm right in saying that the average rating was probably 8.5-9/10. Dom has already bagged my copy of Firefly to watch when he comes over on Wednesday :p

Even if they don't make a sequel I think the film continues the spirit of the series pretty well, whilst leaving a number of loose ends to take it further if the 'powers that be' see fit.

I'll certainly be picking up the RPG when it hits the shop on Wednesday and will be heading down to the cinema again when the film hits general release in a few weeks time.

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